No. 11




Education reforms in Estonia

  • Mailis Reps

    Member of the Riigikogu, Estonian Centre Party

Dissatisfaction with the state of education and social welfare in Estonia has reached a critical point.

Along with social inequality, educational stratification is also spreading, creating fertile ground for inequality to develop further and for society to become alienated. Innovative ideas in education to this point have mainly been limited to the reallocation of funds, and there has been no agreement on intrinsic changes. We cannot go on like this, because the unequal level of general education and the fact that modernization of schools is going in several directions at once has led to considerable internal migration of students (and often parents). Since the principle of one standard school is still in effect in Estonia, a quality general education must be ensured throughout the entire country, which naturally requires there to be standardized and concrete curricula and consultation, supervision and state examinations on a corresponding level.

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