No. 15




The Estonian Research Information System (ETIS) as a resource for scholars and source of information for the public

  • Siret Linde

    Tallinn University research and development specialist

The goal of the national research information system was to consolidate Estonian R&D databases into one body of knowledge.

Previously Estonia had lacked a central system for recording research data and each institution kept its data separate, not allowing public access to them. The new information system consists of the Estonian Research Portal ( and a personal desktop for each user (requires authorization). The research and development data for public use are available in English as well and use is free of charge. Anyone who is interested can keep themselves up to date with events in the research and development sphere by using the portal’s news and calendar heading. They can also express their opinion in the forum and learn about what other researchers are working on. Special emphasis is assigned to the system for confirming the data which ensures reliability and quality of all of the information.

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