No. 7




The electors write the coalition agreement

11 June 2003


RiTo No. 7, 2003

If Estonia does not want to remain a haven for cheap subcontracted labor, now is the time to start moving from a minimalist, conservation-minded state toward an innovative state that invests in its people’s future.

It was fairly easy in this post-election coalition agreement to agree on the need to increase education investments and raise teachers’ salaries, and increase science funding in the SKP. Unfortunately, fifty years of the pseudosocialist ideology of the occupation forces has made a lot of people passive. The last elections did not offer any kind of sign as to the desires and wants of people who stayed home on election day. At the same time, the main direction that the government is moving in is something that is shaped by hundreds of thousands, not by the couple hundred people who took part in writing the coalition agreement. Estonia will only become an advanced democracy when the predominant majority of citizens understand their role and responsibility in the political decision-making process.

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