No. 32, December 2015

Two Pillars of State Identity. Raivo Vetik

Estonia’s Tethered Space-Time. Ahto Lobjakas

Viewing of TV Channels in Estonia Before and After 28 September 2015. Andres Jõesaar

The Problems Faced by Estonian Economy and the Ways for Solving Them. Katrin Pihor, Helena Rozeik, Miko Tammik, Mari Rell

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Editor-in-Chief’s Column

  • They Just Are with Us

    Twenty five years ago the question “Who is an Estonian?” would have been considered just an attempt of philosophical discussion aimed at shocking people. I remember the events of the Singing Revolution at the Song Festival Ground,  where the people were singing “I am an Estonian and I will remain an Estonian”, and the meaning of this was unambiguously clear: opposition to the Soviet power and to the migrants, who were flwing in at an uncontrollable pace that threatened the existence of the Estonian nation.

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