Tarmo Soomere

Tarmo Soomere

Member of the Academy of Sciences, President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Lead Research Scientist and Professor of Coastal Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology



  • Academy of Sciences: Expense or Investment

    11 December 2019


    RiTo No. 40, 2019

    The classic academies have been established with a twofold goal: to be resolutely committed to the advancement of science and to advise government authorities. In order to give adequate and timely advice, it is important to be engaged in the shaping of policy on all levels, starting from discussions of topics and goals of political parties.  Several members of the Estonian Academy of Sciences (EAS) have contributed to active policy-making over decades, among other things, through performing the duties of the speaker of the Riigikogu and serving as ministers or parliament members.

  • Research Career Model as a Support to the Competitiveness of a Country *

    04 June 2018


    RiTo No. 37, 2018

    The article outlines the principles of contemporary research career models together with descriptions of their chief elements, modifications in the recent past, and known bottlenecks. An optimal research career model is found to be one of the cornerstones of a knowledge-based society. Ideally, it is also a transfer mechanism of researchers’ capacity into practices meeting societal needs in the best possible way. The conceptual framework, recommended basic principles, as well as possible proportions of models suitable for Estonia are discussed.

    * Peer-reviewed article