No. 27




Future of Estonia Youth Policy – Cooperation and Involvement

  • Edvard Ljulko

    Youth Policy Adviser, Estonian National Youth Council

  • Marti Taru

    Researcher, Institute of International and Social Studies, Tallinn University

Involvement of citizens in decision-making and also the cooperation between agencies are topical issues in both the broader context of governance of the state and in the narrower context of youth policy.

These issues have been challenges for a long time. Since the Youth Work Strategy that was launched in 2006, and continuing with the new development plan that will be implemented in 2014, Estonia has strived to establish a consciously integrated youth policy that proceeds from the actual situation of young people, their needs and interests, and is carried out with the participation of young people. In spite of the positive developments that have taken place and are taking place in the Estonian and European youth policy, moving from ad hoc cooperation to constant and integrated solutions, and the use of methods suitable for the involving of young people are still problems. The article contains practical proposals and methodical recommendations for the involvement of young people and for an integrated youth policy at both local and national level.

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