No. 26




Regional Revolutionary Situation and Revolutions in North-Africa and Middle East

19 December 2012


RiTo No. 26, 2012

When the citizens of several Muslim countries came to protest on the streets at the same time with the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, the notion ‘Arab Spring’ was launched.

It soon became clear that this was not sufficient to convey adequately what was taking place. And it was also clear soon that none of the main actors of big politics, or the USA, Europe, Russia, as well as China, did not expect that there would be revolutions in this part of the world, at least not in such a number. At the same time the first Arabian revolutions overthrew the regimes that had been the long-term partners of Western countries, the next revolutions ended the regimes operating under leftist slogans and the third ones are even now fighting in the name of becoming free of authoritarianism. Or after the events of 2010–2012, greater clarity is still ahead there. Thus it is possible to speak about the cessation of the regional revolutionary situation only when the processes that have had a direct impact on one another have ended with either revolutions or failed attempts to seize power; the latter can be either the military victory of those in power or the fading of the mass movements themselves. All these possible developments can be noted when you look more deeply at the events taking place in North-Africa and Middle East.

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