Alar Konist

Alar Konist

TalTech, Head of Department of Energy Technology



  • Oil Shale Energy Has a Future

    07 June 2023


    RiTo No. 47, 2023

    I am neither a politician nor an entrepreneur, but I am a qualified engineer and a professor. Moreover, I hold one of the eight technology professorships formed in the public interests in Tallinn University of Technology, the Professorship of Oil Shale Technology. And speaking as a scientist, I would like to see Estonia consider and assess new approaches to using oil shale in our energy sector. Why?

  • Oil Shale: Exploration, History, Today and Future

    11 December 2019


    RiTo Previous issues,

    Oil shale is a resource that has given energy independence and security to Estonia. Oil shale has also been an excellent object of research that has helped Estonian researchers engage in high-level top science, and in a number of cases has also helped a researcher achieve the status of academician, for example.