No. 16




Integration in Estonian society

19 December 2007


RiTo No. 16, 2007

  • Urve Palo

    Minister for Population Affairs, Social Democratic Party

The process of developing Estonia´s new integration strategy began in late 2005, and the working version of the strategy entitled “Integration in Estonian society 2008-2013”, which is currently undergoing public discussion, was completed at the beginning of the current year.

However, the events of April led us to review the content of this document. Starting in June, a number of additional studies have been performed – including both public opinion surveys and in-depth interviews. In addition, a couple hundred amendment proposals have come in during the public discussion. After analyzing the aforementioned studies and additional proposals, we reached an understanding that it would not be enough to update and correct the old integration strategy; instead, a new one needs to be compiled. About one hundred people are currently working on it on various levels. There are few, if any, areas of policymaking in Estonia where involvement is so broad-based.

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