No. 1




No. 1, June 2000

Thoughts on Parliamentarism and Democracy. Foreign Policy Discussion. Amendments of the Constitution. State Budget 2000 Act. Private Law. Fight against Corruption. Sociology of Law and Law-Making. Public Opinion: Political Competence of Population. Taxation of Non-Profit Sector. Estonian Delegation to the Council of Europe. Associations of Former MPs. NGO-Political Parties Cooperation Memorandum.


Summaries of articles are in English.

Full articles in Estonian

Editor-in-Chief’s Column

Issues of national importance

State budget


Constitutional institutions


Civil society and state authority

International parliamentary relations

History of the Parliament


Literature and Databases

  • Bibliographical Databases in the Estonian National Library

    The National Library of Estonia has a nine years experience of creating and using bibliographical databases. By now there are more than 40 different databases in the National Library. The article gives an overview of three of them: Majpol, Varia, and Õigus. These databases are mostly used by the Parliamentary Information Centre.

  • ESSDA Spreads Information about Changing Society

    In law-making there can often arise a need for information on social problems. Such information can be obtained from the Estonian Social Science Data Archive (ESSDA) in Tartu. ESSDA is an interdisciplinary centre at the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Tartu which also functions as a national archive of social sciences. ESSDA’s aim is to guarantee the maintenance and use of social information gathered in Estonia and about the Estonian society, as well as integrate Estonian social scientists into international social information networks.

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