Kalev Kallemets

Kalev Kallemets

PhD, Fermi Energia, Chairman of the Board, co-founder



  • Development of Nuclear Energy and Our Challenges

    07 June 2023


    RiTo No. 47, 2023

    The European Union has set a course towards achieving climate-neutrality by 2050. In 2022, nuclear energy was the dominant type of power generation in Europe. What have been the developments in nuclear energy in the world and what are we doing in Estonia? What are the fears regarding nuclear energy and what are the major advantages of this type of energy?

  • Natural resources should be managed

    08 June 2016


    RiTo No. 33, 2016

    With the Natural Resources Strategy, Estonia has set itself the aim to get more added value from its natural resources, using as an example the natural resources strategies of Finland, Sweden and other countries. The situation of Estonia is unique because we know of several natural resources with significant economic potential that the state has not seriously studied after the restoration of independence. The state has also contributed rather little to the studying of other natural resources. The problems of the oil shale sector are a serious challenge that are accompanied by social and economic challenges. Construction materials and peat have problems of their own that have to be solved, taking into account the social, economic and environmental aspects. A dynamic country constantly has to adapt to the changing circumstances.

  • Towards Better Public Leadership

    17 December 2002


    RiTo No. 6, 2002

    RiTo's second volume contained two articles tinged with skepticism where modernization of public administration was concerned, one from Ülle Madise (129-134) and the other by Tiina Randma and Taavi Annus (135-144). The same edition was graced by then-PM Mart Laar's article on the necessity of modernization (40-46).