No. 32




Self-Regulation of the Press in Europe

14 December 2015


RiTo No. 32, 2015

Self-regulation of the press is important to the consumers of the media, so that they could interfere in the case of the errors of the journalists. The principles and bodies of self-regulation have been created by the media itself, among other things, they include the Code of Press Ethics and the bodies that monitor the observance of the rules and the Code.

Self-regulation of the press is generally similar in the European countries. There are differences in details, like whether an individual is preferred over agencies and organisations, the ability of the self-regulation body to initiate cases by itself, or in a wider context – is there a press council in the country at all. Surprisingly, there are several countries that do not have a self-regulation body, and they include also Latvia and Lithuania.

In the sphere of self-regulation, Estonia has learned a lot from Finland, but we differ by the fact that in Finland all citizens who fid that good journalistic practices have been violated can submit a complaint. At the same time, the complainant must have the consent of the person whom the

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