No. 10




European integration summer school in Alpbach

  • Aigi Kasvand

    Information specialist, National Library European Union information center

Since 1945, politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs and students meet annually each other in Alpbach, Austria´s most beautiful village, where the European Forum and Summer School on European Integration take place.

The general theme of the forum in 2004 was “Boundaries and Beyond”. The forum dealt with the enlarged borders of the European Union and the limits of the social state, of medical and technological research and of intellectual thought and culture.

This year the summer school took place for the twelfth time. The main objective of the summer school is to offer an intensive basic course on the law, economics and politics of European integration, the main emphasis being on the case-law of the European Court of Justice. The course is taught in two separate groups, one in the English and one in the German language.

More information is on the European Forum Alpbach web page

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