No. 19




No. 19, June 2009

Latvia. Social policy. Tax system. Educational reform. The economy. Innovation.

Campaign financing. Estonia´s islands. State financing of civic associations.

Communists in the Riigikogu of 1920-1923.


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Editor-in-Chief’s Column

  • Stuck

    For a long time we kept repeating to ourselves that we were not Latvia. Our economy would manage the crisis better, we had reserves, our politicians were better statesmen, etc. Until the cabinet crisis broke, that is. Until the cabinet crisis was created, to be precise. Disgruntled voices now say that we are like Latvia.

RiTo conversation circle


  • Latvia and its layers

    18 June 2009


    RiTo No. 19, 2009

    The poor condition of the Latvian economy is common knowledge, the author acknowledges. There has been very much discussion and writing on the subject recently in Estonia. But what does the average Estonian know about other facets, corners and recesses of life in Latvia?


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