Ivar Raig

Doctor of Economics, Member of the VII Riigikogu



  • Of the European Federation and Its Alternative

    Why does Europe need federal government? Can Europe’s strength be achieved through federal government? If yes, then what is the model of federation most suitable for Europe like? If no, then what are the best ways for developing cooperation and increasing competitiveness in the globalising world? So far these questions have not yet received an exhaustive answer that can be effectively implemented. In Estonia, the social scientists and law professors have paid little attention to these issues. But this does not mean that we should not think about them. If we do not, others will think and decide for us, because the establishing of a federation is a topical issue for both the European Union and the elite of its Member States, and at the level of civil society.

  • Estonia and the debate on the EU’s future

    14 June 2002


    RiTo No. 5, 2002

    Since the creation of the EU, the central topic of European integration has been expanding and deepening it. Deepening embraces expanding spheres of cooperation as well as increasing cooperation and placing it in under joint state-wide (supranational) control.