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Bibliographical Databases in the Estonian National Library

  • Kristina Pihlau

    Chief specialist, Centre of Information Services for MPs, National Library of Estonia

The National Library of Estonia has a nine years experience of creating and using bibliographical databases. By now there are more than 40 different databases in the National Library. The article gives an overview of three of them: Majpol, Varia, and Õigus. These databases are mostly used by the Parliamentary Information Centre.

Since 1999, nine Estonian research libraries use the integrated library system INNOPAC in their daily work. With the help of Innopac they compile the joint electronic catalogue that is also accessible on the Internet.

Currently the National Library is working on a project called ISE (Index Scriptorum Estoniae) that makes it possible to use the databases also on the Internet. It is meant only for the members of Parliament and the Parliament’s Office.

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