No. 41




Results of the Estonian Forest Owners Survey 2019

10 June 2020


RiTo No. 41, 2020

  • Mihkel Kangur

    Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Ecology, Tallinn University

  • Martin Küttim

    Martin Küttim

    Tallinna Ülikooli ökoloogia keskuse vanemteadur

In recent years, the issue of forest management has been under serious scrutiny of the community.

The importance of protecting the environment and nature is increasingly being discussed, and forest owners are valuing these aspects more and more. While in 2001 the forest owners considered the acquisition of wood the main purpose of forest use, now the protection of environment and nature, as well as the protection of human health have become more important. Almost all (95%) forest owners are voluntarily ready to keep from logging their forests during the bird nesting season, and most of them (65%) would agree to leave some of their forest land for nature conservation purposes. However, the survey also showed that there was some room for development, for example, corporate forest owners (most of whom regularly manage their forests, including selling of timber) regard environmental and nature conservation purposes less important than private or sole proprietor forest owners.