Raivo Vetik

Professor of Comparative Politics, Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society



  • Two Pillars of State Identity

    14 December 2015


    RiTo No. 32, 2015

    This article has two aims: to offer a theoretical approach to defiing of state identity, taking into account the context of multicultural society, and to analyse the data of the latest monitoring of the integration of Estonian society in the light of such an approach.

  • Symbolic Power in the Ethnic Policy of Estonia

    19 June 2013


    RiTo No. 27, 2013

    The article deals with the representation of ethnic minorities in the governance of Estonia. The representation of ethnic minorities among the officials of ministries deceased abruptly in the beginning of the 1990s during the initial period after the restoration of independence, and has been decreasing ever since. Immediately after the restoration of independence, about two-thirds of the officials were non-Estonians, now they form around 2–3 per cent.

  • Trust in State Institutions in Estonia

    14 June 2002


    RiTo No. 5, 2002

    A public survey done in autumn 2001 by the International and Social Studies Institute at the order of the Riigikogu Chancellery shows the reasons for low political trust in links to other societal problems.

  • Policy Process and Social Sciences

    18 June 2001


    RiTo No. 3, 2001

    People in power have always liked to exchange ideas with sociologists. Already in ancient Greece, philosophers debated on the subject of the ideal organisation of society and policy. In today's developed industrial countries, it is hard to imagine the policy-making process without the active involvement of social scientists, research institutes, universities and private companies.