No. 10




The National Library of Estonia starts setting up a reliable digital repository

Many public sector institutions act as publishing bodies. They create, edit and distribute printed publications.

All these publications are, in addition to the usual distribution process, collected, recorded, indexed, stored and made available to the public through national libraries. Though practically all of these publications are produced on computers, currently no institution is systematically preserving and making available the electronic master files which are the basis for the printed publications.

The basic idea of reUSE-project, uniting libraries from Austria, Estonia and Germany, is to set up the highly standardized trusted digital repositories which allow the long term preservation as well as the making available of digital content via digital libraries. The repositories will gather the digital master files which had been the basis for the printed publications. Digital content which would otherwise threaten to get lost, will be safeguarded. This is especially important for digital files which need – in contrast to printed material – much more attention to their integrity and availability. Libraries as professional specialists for long term preservation take care of life-cycle-management in order to keep the digital artifacts available for future generations.

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