No. 8




European Union and Estonian law in electronic legal info-systems

  • Liina Gross

    Tallinn Pedagogical University, Master's student

Electronic coverage of the relationship between European laws and member country laws has been a priority field in developing of the jurisprudential databases in member states as well as the EU level.

Even though the principles of the directive become obligatory for the individual through the each state’s legislation, it would be convenient from the user’s standpoint to get an overview of state and EU law from databases as a whole – to be able to see what domestic legislation is based on and what measures are used to standardize the EU’s legislation. Despite the fact that all member states have online databases containing legal acts together with references to directives, there is no one compact database. Likewise, state and EU databases are not always cross-referenced with hyperlinks. Users must visit several databases and master the different search engines on each.

The article looks at European practice in referring to directives and displaying references in electronic databases. It also discusses improving the availability of the EU’s application data. Estonian databases (Electronic Riigi Teataja, ESTLEX) are analyzed in this connection from the standpoint of cross-referencing with EU law. The writer believes that information searches in legal databases would be simplified by using hyperlinks when EU law is referenced, and to do this in a standardized form.

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