Jüri Engelbrecht

Member of Estonian Academy of Sciences



  • Research Organisation in Estonia: Past and Future

    11 December 2019


    RiTo No. 40, 2019

    When the University of Tartu was established in 1632, the Western European progressive scientific worldview spread to the territory of what today is the Republic of Estonia. At the same time, that gave an impetus to higher education becoming more widespread in the region on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea.

  • More on science, creative work

    14 June 2004


    RiTo No. 9, 2004

    The essay is a new look at problems described in a previous essay (RiTo 3/2001, 105-109).

  • Science, Creative Work, Necessities

    18 June 2001


    RiTo No. 3, 2001

    Recently, the Government has submitted the Estonian Science and Technology Strategy "Knowledge-based Estonia" to the Riigikogu. The speech of Prime Minister Mart Laar, and the accompanying speeches of Mart Meri, and the author of this paper, have illuminated several aspects of science and technology in Estonia and the necessities of the state. This paper gives an additional viewpoint concerning several activities and choices in formulating the aims of science and technology for a small country, stressing the needs for the future and possible hindrances.