No. 13




Gas as a part of Russia’s policy

Russia’s attempts to politicize gas deals in order to improve its foreign policy positions has led to a situation where the European Union no longer muffles its criticism of the behaviour of Moscow.

The case of a single European Union energy policy is more complicated. Achieving such a policy is hindered by the short-term interests of and competition between member states, which in many cases is tied to the influence of large energy monopolies. Such a situation of course harms Europe as a whole and weakens the positions of the European Union not only in negotiations with Russia but on all of the world market. This is the Russian side’s strongest trump in the gas policy game. At the same time, Russia should not forget that, in the current situation, two-thirds of Gazprom revenue comes from the European Union market, which is accompanied by a dependence on Western investments, including modern petroleum and gas production technology.

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