No. 24




Estonian Asylum Policy in the European Perspective

15 December 2011


RiTo No. 24, 2011

The article analyses different aspects of the Estonian asylum policy, first of all focusing on the conditions of receiving the asylum seekers.

The constantly increasing number of asylum seekers in Estonia has brought along the situation where the existing Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers can no longer receive all the people who need accommodation and provide them all necessary services, especially in regard to asylum seekers with special needs. Sur-veys prove that Estonia is at the moment not ready to receive additional refugees within the framework of the EU resettlement programme, which at present has been joined by only ten states. At the same time the pressure to join this solidarity measure to the states not partici-pating in the programme is constantly increasing both from the European Commission and from the Southern European Member States that are always having problems with the great number of refugees. Due to these processes, Estonia has to reform its system of receiving asylum seekers in the coming years. It is necessary to establish a primary reception centre for refugees and to clarify either at legislative or a government regulation level the access of asylum seekers to free services, as well as define the services necessary for asylum seekers with special needs.

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