No. 2




Politics and Political Parties in the Internet Homepages of Political Parties Represented in the Parliament

  • Piret Juhani

    Senior Bibliographer of the Parliamentary Information Centre, Estonian National Library

The Internet, which is one of the most important sources of information today, is a quick and convenient means for political parties to introduce themselves.

The portal of the Centre of the Estonian State Network is a gate to most homepages of Estonian state agencies and organisations, including political parties. Most of the political parties represented in the Riigikogu use the means offered by the Internet to introduce themselves. Homepages of political parties offer general information about the party, its programme, structure, connections to the institutions of state power, and reflect the activities of the party. Information on the Riigikogu factions is available on the Riigikogu homepage at or on the homepage of the respective party under the relevant section.

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Piret Juhani, born 1976, BA in information sciences, Tallinn Pedagogical University 1999, BA in information sciences University of Jyväskylä 1999, Tallinn Pedagogical University, master studies in information sciences 1999-. Work: senior bibliographer at the centre of information services for MPs of the National Library of Estonia.