Uku Varblane

Expert of the Foresight Centre



  • Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Crisis: Winners and Losers

    09 June 2021


    RiTo No. 43, 2021

    Although epidemics are bound to recur with a certain regularity, the humanity was not prepared for a wave of this magnitude and global spread. As a consequence of this epidemic, the economy has suffered through infected or self-quarantined emp-loyees not being able to work, anti-virus measures hindering the normal functioning of the economy, and the crisis-induced uncertainty affecting the behaviour and fu-ture hopes of the people, the businesses and the public sector.

  • Mobility Profiles of Estonian Residents Compared to the Global Trends

    09 December 2020


    RiTo No. 42, 2020

    Over the next decades, personal mobility is facing huge changes: because of developments in mitigating climate change, technological innovation, ageing of the population, but also the consumer and mobility habits of the Y-generation. The main challenges are linked to the more sustainable and environmental nature of mobility.