No. 11




What Kind of Curriculum for Estonian Schools?

15 June 2005


RiTo No. 11, 2005

Estonian education faces four possible paths:

  1. to continue with the curriculum adopted in 2002 (RÕK 2002),
  2. to use the general part of the curriculum prepared by the University of Tartu curriculum development center as a basis,
  3. to use as a basis the general part of the curriculum prepared by Bit/Avita,
  4. adapt the curriculum of the Republic of Finland. Unfortunately neither the University of Tartu development center’s curriculum nor that of AS Bit is ripe for confirmation as a legal act, nor can we adopt the Finnish curriculum due to various cultural and historical differences.

The latter option would be bad for Estonia also in the sense that no one would learn how to put together a curriculum. Thus it would be most reasonable to calmly continue with RÕK 2002 until the system of curricula for elementary, basic and middle education (includes vocational education after basic education) is ready, the ties with the following levels of education ensured and the necessary “bridges” between them built. This firstly requires the creation of a long-term educational strategy free of party-political calculations; this would ensure the stability of the educational system and would also be the basis for development of the curriculum.

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