Meelis Kitsing

Foresight Centre, Director of Studies



  • Networked State – A Road Not Taken

    05 June 2019


    RiTo No. 39, 2019

    Concerning the state reforms and the related debates in Estonia, it is important to take note not only of the choices made, or the choices that the political powers and interest groups mainly wish to make, but also the choices that have not been discussed.

  • Views of future can influence decisions today

    08 June 2017


    RiTo No. 35, 2017

    The article provides an overview of the main principles of foresight. These are: focus on actions, involvement of interested parties, a range of future scenarios, as well as disciplinary and methodologic variety. The authors stress that foresight differs from forecasts, as it is impossible to predict the future and the future is not predetermined, but can be shaped by the combined influence of today’s actions and decisions. Consequently, the aim of foresight is not to propose a single outcome, but to create different future scenarios together with the decision-makers and experts. Taking those into account, the decision-makers can influence future developments.