No. 2




Estonian State Conception, New Public Management and Administrative Reform

31 October 2000


RiTo No. 2, 2000

  • Ülle Madise

    Ülle Madise

    Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia

The author is convinced that diminishing the state’s role and improving the exercise of the remaining functions should take place simultaneously by areas of government and various fields. Fulfilling of the “core functions” should be reformed on the basis of principles that are in particular suitable for Estonia.

It would not be reasonable to attempt to take over, for example, the New Zealand’s NPM (New Public Management) model because the fundamentally different state conception of Estonia precludes its success already in advance. Considering that changes in public administration are necessary, and money and time are scarce, we should avoid reforms without a clearly defined purpose, as well as long-term detailed plans. The author claims that the administrative reform(s) in Estonia has (have) so far got stuck at the level of a comprehensive plan. It is true that under a democratically governed administration such a plan will never be completed, and therefore it is pointless to wait for the plan. Therefore, it is time to recognise development by areas of government in all the ministries and stop fighting with the “sneaking administrative reform”.

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Ülle Madise, born 1974, lawyer, University of Tartu 1998; MA studies University of Tartu 1998-. Work: head of the public law department of the Ministry of Justice 1998-.