Ainar Ruussaar

Member of the Board of Estonian National Broadcasting



  • Flight No 28092015

    14 December 2015


    RiTo No. 32, 2015

    On 28 September at 6.55 a.m., the programme director pushed the button at the control centre of the brand new TV studio of Estonian Public Broadcasting and started the fist direct broadcast of the Russian-language TV programme. The long-planned ETV+ rose into the air, with new enthusiastic pilots on board, and these pilots knew nothing yet of the number of potential passengers, and just hoped at the bottom of their hearts that the flght that had started would last a long time.

  • Russian Channel under the Fire of Unproved Theories

    15 December 2014


    RiTo No. 30, 2014

    The idea of creating a Russian-language media competence centre that would mainly have the function of mediating the life in Estonia and in Europe in the widest meaning of this concept to the Russian-speaking target group is discussed more and more in Estonia.