No. 11




Civic society is not born overnight

  • Jaan Õunapuu

    Minister of Regional Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Estonian People's Union

In order to implement the principles of the vision of the development of Estonian civic society approved by the Riigikogu in December 2002, a joint commission of representatives of government and civic bodies was convoked in October 2003 at the behest of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The goal was to find the best solutions for supporting the growth of civic society and eliminating any obstacles that have formed. This year from August to October, seminars will be organized in all of Estonia’s counties to introduce the joint commission’s activities, findings and proposals and ensure a wider discussion of the topics. The ideas and proposals of participants will be considered in the future work of the commission of ministry and civic association representatives. It will be important to ensure constructive cooperation between a joint commission and the EKAK support group. The task of the commission is to find the most suitable solutions, while the contribution of the support group might be to marshal political support for the proposals produced in cooperation.

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