No. 9




Wherefore e-Voting in Estonia?

14 June 2004


RiTo No. 9, 2004

  • Ülle Madise

    Ülle Madise

    Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia

The primary goal of electronic voting is considered to be raising voting participation. It is still considered questionable in Estonia whether adoption of e-voting will significantly increase voter turnout.

Certainly it will make voting easier for voters abroad. As a whole, activity increases only when the electronic voting option brings out people who otherwise would not vote. Introducing e-voting is the most necessary in the case of people who are less likely to make the trip to the polls due to their comfort with online transactions of all kinds. The number of voters on election day will get smaller and it is feared that they will start emerging as a distinct social group. In all likelihood people will start to adapt to the disappearance of the customary election day ritual of going to the polls. The problem of the digital gap, which affects older and poorer people, needs to be highlighted and resolved.

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