No. 7




The new coalition agreement: to be tested in battle

11 June 2003


RiTo No. 7, 2003

Compared to previous ones, the contract between Res Publica, Reform Party and the People’s Union is undoubtedly a new approach.

The primary new aspect that was included in the agreement through consensus is the assignation of priorities. Where previous agreements were preoccupied with statehood and the economy, this agreement concentrated on programs in fields that have in common their concern for support of Estonia’s human resources.

In order for the agreement not to go unfulfilled and future disagreements not to reach a crisis, it is a good idea to also set up a plan whereby the agreement is to be fulfilled. What is meant by an ambiguous wording? Does a given provision require any laws to be amended? Who will write the bill and spearhead the amendment? The relative ease with which the previous coalition tandem lived up to its agreement is partly due to the fact that there was such a plan in place, and it was checked frequently.

In short, someone must also act as a strong leader when it comes to implementing the coalition agreement, and it is hard to look anywhere else but to prime minister Juhan Parts and his team in this regard.

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