No. 46




Tallinn University of Technology Is Heading for the Top with EuroTeQ

14 December 2022


RiTo No. 46, 2022

  • Hendrik Voll

    Hendrik Voll

    Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Professor, Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology uses three key levers to take our teaching to the top European level.

Firstly, we joined the technical universities network EuroTeQ, which is used by the participants to develop new cooperation formats as well as common learning formats and services. This means that TalTech is reducing the programmes taught in English and is instead focusing on strong English modules within programmes taught in Estonian, to inject these with international experience and promote mobility with European top universities.

Secondly, Tallinn University of Technology established departmental didactics centres which allow the University to offer networking opportunities to teachers for broader discussions and exchange of experiences, and also a door that is open to anyone experiencing any issues while teaching.

Thirdly, new Study Track Associate Professorship positions are being created. These are specialists at the top of their fields: highly distinguished and well known to students, colleagues, and experts of the field; they are always welcome to speak at events, act as respected spokespersons, and carry out training courses.