No. 11




The Baltic Assembly must become more pragmatic

  • Aigars Petersons

    vice-president of the Baltic Assembly, leader of the Latvian delegation

In the current complicated international situation, the cooperation of the Baltic States must become more pragmatic and flexible.

The Baltic Assembly must continue structural and political reforms in the new international situation. The Latvian delegation has always believed that cooperation with the Nordic Council and the Benelux Interparliamentary Consultative Council would be a solid platform on which the Baltic Assembly could standardize its agenda, identify and resolve problems, and share positions, experiences and information between the Baltic States, the Nordic countries and the Benelux states. This model of interparliamentary cooperation allows misunderstandings to be avoided in regard to possible activity plans and positions, and favors exchange of experience. We must continue the discussions we have started in order to create a more active dialogue with other European regional organizations, including the regional bodies of the Mediterranean region.

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