No. 1




Memorandum of Cooperation Between Estonian Political Parties and Third Sector Umbrella Organisations

Proceeding from the common interest to strengthen cooperation between the state and non-profit associations in shaping public policy and promoting participatory democracy in Estonia,


the desire to provide, as equal partners, a contribution to the building of civil society which is an essential precondition for promoting public welfare and increasing competitiveness of the state,

the political parties and non-profit associations of Estonia who are signatories to this Memorandum, consider it necessary to

  • jointly build up and in 2000 present to the Riigikogu the concept for the development of civil society which will cover the aspects of civic initiative in the devising and implementation of policies in various areas of life in Estonia;
  • form a Co-operation Chamber operating on a regular basis involving the Estonian political parties and third sector umbrella organisations for maintaining mutual contact and developing ideas aimed at promoting civil society in the interests of democratic development of Estonia;
  • maintain a continuous dialogue, based on the development concept of civil society, in the process of the devising and implementation of national and local level policies and in the assessment of their results. Parties to the Memorandum consider it particularly important for non-profit associations to be informed about the law-making process of the Riigikogu, the Government of the Republic and local municipalities, and participate in this process, as well as be prepared to take on the challenges presented by the society.

The dialogue between political parties and non-profit associations is aimed at developing a new understanding of the relationship between the public and non-profit sectors in today’s democratic society and reaching the stage of the growth of educated civic initiative.

14. December 1999

On behalf of non-profit organisations:

Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations Andres Jaadla
Association of Estonian Cultural Societies Valter Haamer
Kodukant Movement of Estonian Villages and Market Towns Mikk Sarv
Network of Estonian Non-Profit Organisations and Foundations Kadri Kopli
Friends of Earth – Estonia Peep Mardiste
Estonian Social Welfare Development Centre Social Sphere Round Table Deiw Rahumägi
Estonian Central Sports Union Mait Arvisto
Estonian Popular Education League Tiina Jääger
Estonian Cooperative Union Tõnis Blank
Estonian Union of National Minorities Jaak Prozes

On behalf of political parties:

Estonian Centre Party Küllo Arjakas
Estonian Coalition Party Märt Kubo
Estonian Rural Union Jaan Ots
Estonian Pensioners and Families Party Mai Treial
Estonian Reform Party Paul-Eerik Rummo
Estonian Social Democratic Labour Party Tiit Toomsalu
Estonian People’s Union Andres Varik
United People’s Party of Estonia Leivi Sher
Pro Patria Union Aimar Altosaar
People’s Party – Moderates Mart Meri

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