No. 1




When a Citizen Wishes to Participate in Law-Making

  • Ülo Siivelt

    Director of Information Department, Estonian Law Centre Foundation

The Estonian Law Centre has given its contribution for the development of participatory democracy in Estonia.

In September 1998, an e-mail list was created at the Estonian Law Centre for lawyers and people interested in law. By now the list has grown into a substantial source of information for more than 650 lawyers, civil servants, and people interested in law, which is quite a large number of participants for Estonia. Discussions have been in the form of questions and answers and they have been effective. The readiness of participants is also notable.

Based on proposals sent by the people, in November 1999 a new discussion list was created within the existing list for the discussion of concrete draft laws. Authors of draft laws were also included in the discussion list. Preliminary results are promising. A deeper analysis is still to be done and it might become a reality already in the following issues of the Riigikogu Toimetised.

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