No. 33




The next development leap of economy is stuck in social instrument base

08 June 2016


RiTo No. 33, 2016

  • Aimar Altosaar

    Aimar Altosaar

    Project Manager, Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership; Editor of the column “Meie Eesti”, Postimees

Social resources have so far been underestimated in Estonia, but if they were taken into use, it may bring along growth of productivity in economy and better functioning of all sectors of society. Economic activities, production, product development and marketing are actually work with people, involving them, listening to them and explaining your ideas.

The traditional boss-subordinate relationship does not work anymore today, because the worker is ready to give their best to achieve the goals of the organisation only when they feel they are in an emotional safety zone, or if they are treated as an equal member of community. Each area of activity and work situation requires the resolving of a specific communication task, or the use of adequate social instruments, from those who initiate it and the leaders. We need the updating of the social instrument base in order to use the infinite social resource effectively. The article also proposes in which areas the social innovation should be implemented first.

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