No. 14




Estonia’s ESTLEX legal information system

  • Riina Vende

    head of the ESTLEX department, AS Andmevara

Estonia’s ESTLEX legal information system marked its 15 th anniversary in 2006.

In 1990, the legislative basis for a Self-Sufficient Estonia (IME) was compiled. Upon the initiative of the Ministry of Justice, a national legal acts register was founded on 14 June 1991 by government regulation no. 110. From 1991 to 1996, ESTLEX relied on state financing. Starting in 1997, in connection with the electronic State Gazette (eRT) database becoming publicly available, ESTLEX was self-sufficient. Since 1 June 2002, the functions of the national legal acts register are performed by the electronic State Gazette.

ESTLEX has continued its activities on a commercial basis. Throughout its period of activity, ESTLEX has functioned as a service provider whose users have stayed with it and expanded thanks mainly to value added, and the integration of public legal information into a unified information system. Cross-links have been created between legal acts, allowing browsing from one act to another. Legal acts are supplied with links to the official original text, full text in the eRT and the English-language translation, related EU legal acts and Supreme Court rulings. The information system also takes in the most comprehensive real time database of Russian-language legal acts translations.

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