No. 47




Quo Vadis, Estonian Energy Sector?

07 June 2023


RiTo No. 47, 2023

  • Toomas Vaimann

    Toomas Vaimann

    Senior Researcher, Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics, Tallinn University of Technology; Member of Estonian Young Academy of Sciences

Estonia’s energy sector is at a stage where we are facing a number of choices and challenges that require quick decisions, but it is also important to keep the focus on long-term strategies and targets.

The Estonian energy sector has historically been dependent on fossil fuel, es-pecially oil shale. In today’s world, their share is clearly declining.

The target set by the Energy Sector Organisation Act to cover the country’s elect-ricity consumption with renewable energy production by 2030 requires storage capacity, managed generation and consumption management.

Production of renewable energy is fluctuating over time and requires efficient energy storage and management systems to ensure a steady energy supply. Besides that, it is necessary to strengthen the energy grid and create smart grid solutions.

Our energy security is also important, as dependence on imported energy can create vulnerabilities and security risks. Estonia should use its natural resources, knowledge and innovation potential to achieve a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sector. It is important to involve communities and citizens in ma-king changes in energy consumption.