No. 12




How to Compare the Social Political Activeness of Young Europeans?

14 December 2005


RiTo No. 12, 2005

  • Marti Taru

    Researcher, Institute of International and Social Studies, Tallinn University

The article provides an overview of one aspect of the project Political Participation of Young People in Europe (EUYOUPART) – the equivalency of data from international survey polls.

Special attention was devoted in the project to the methods of international survey polls. The Institute of International and Social Studies took part in the project for Estonia. The main goal of the project was to develop a methodology – a questionnaire and survey method – for measuring and comparing how active young people between the ages of 15–25 were in social policy. Comparative measurement of theoretical concepts in several countries is significantly different from data gathering in one country. The types of problems associated with studies, carried out in many countries are summed up by the concept of equivalence. Drawing a parallel with studies conducted in one country, we can say that this is a continuation of the concept of validity to take in cases in several countries.

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