No. 1




Presentation in the Riigikogu at the 1st Reading of the Draft State Budget Act 2000

  • Siim Kallas

    Vice-President of the European Commission

Considering Estonia’s present economic situation, the Government took a conservative approach to the drafting of the budget for 2000. One of the aims was also to guarantee transparency of the drafting of the budget, its implementation and monitoring procedures.

Strict monetary and budgetary policy and low burden of national debt have so far helped Estonia to retain its international credibility.

The state cannot live beyond its means. Today’s expenses must meet today’s income and support sustainable development of the economy in the future.

When drawing up the state budget, the interests of the Estonian state and of the population as a whole were kept in mind. The guiding principle in drafting the state budget for 2000 was to improve the welfare of not only single interest groups but of the whole nation.

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