No. 7




Statistics on the legislation passed by the IX Riigikogu

  • Kaja Vaabel

    Documentation Department of the Riigikogu Chancellery

The 9th Riigikogu closed for business, as it were, on February 13, 2003, having passed 881 acts of law, joined by two acts passed at extraordinary session on February 25 – a constitutional amendment and the appointment of the Auditor General – bringing the total to 883 (771 laws, 110 decisions, 1 proclamation and 1 appeal).

500 or 65% of the laws amend or add to pre-existing laws, 154 or 20% are framework laws, and 116 (15%) ratify foreign treaties, and one is a law on denunciation. In the 8th Riigikogu, 55% of laws were amendments.

The most frequent initiators of bills were the government (570, 65%) and the Riigikogu (313, 35%).

Since the beginning of the independent era, the Riigikogu has passed 2166 acts, including 1843 laws. In the same period, the president has left 42 laws unsigned, of which 19 were subsequently passed in amended form and 9 in unchanged form.

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