No. 14




Curricula, theory and practice

18 December 2006


RiTo No. 14, 2006

The main aim of education is to contribute to the socialization of people in their environment, their form of coexistence – nature, culture and society.

A knowledge-centred society cannot function without knowledge-based schools. Treatments of education in post-Soviet Estonia have focused on developing study programmes, especially those for general education schools. The development of general education planned in the Institute of Pedagogical Scientific Research (1959–1991) started back in 1987 at the teachers’ congress. If those plans had been realized, we would have had study programmes in place for general educational schools and pre-school child care institutions already in 2000. Unfortunately things went differently and now we are forced to admit that we need research studies in order to develop school education, including research in the field of curricular theory and practice. It is not possible to ensure quality of education with slogans and declarations, either in planning content or later, in the classroom. Above all, we need comparative studies.

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