No. 44




No Time Left for Chat Rooms 

08 December 2021


RiTo No. 44, 2021

  • Annela Anger-Kraavi

    Director of Climate Change Policy Group and Lecturer at Cambridge University

Annela Anger-Kraavi was interviewed by Riigikogu Toimetised about the current state of climate negotiations.

“On the one hand, the world has great expectations, largely fed by Biden’s election to the US presid­ency, which led to the USA rejoining the Paris Agreement on 19 February. Countries are expected to step up their ambitions, especially in mitigating climate changes (i.e., reducing greenhouse gas emission), contributing more towards adapting to the current as well as future climate changes, and giving more money to implement these activities in developing countries,” Anger-Kraavi said.

She stressed that all climate agreements must be based on a strong cooperation between the government, and NGOs and civil society. The complexity of the negotiations is further exacerbated by the corona pandemic whose devastating effects vary from country to country, and which is sure to have its impact on the meeting that takes place in Glasgow at the end of October. “Most of the negotiators have not met face to face for two years now. The organisation of work is unclear. I have heard that a limited number of people would be allowed in each room, and that there will be testing every morning. All this is sure to affect the proceedings. I am as unsure as the others about how I would cope there for two and a half weeks, but I hope to see everything go smoothly and my negotiations to meet with at least some success,” said Anger-Kraavi hopefully.