No. 13




The field of internal security needs rapid solutions

  • Kalle Laanet

    Minister of the Internal Affairs, Estonian Centre Party

As a result of the developments of the last decade, the Estonian state faces a question: will views and tactics from decades ago be enough to cope with the enemies of our society today or do we have to reconsider our attitudes and principles of distribution of resources and come up with more effective weapons in the battle against various social ills?

Changes in the field of internal security are already ongoing, ranging from the police, the border guard to the Citizenship and Migration Board. The key question, of course, involves public service education. This especially in a situation where the biggest problem for institutions related to ensuring internal security is currently staff turnover and low wages. In the future, competition will become even stiffer between those who need labour, since everyone knows very well that secondary school class sizes will be decreasing dramatically in the years ahead.

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