No. 7




Five years of the EU Information Center

  • Anu Nestor

    EU Information Centre of the National Library of Estonia

The National Library has been the EU’s depository library since April 1992.

This status, which is generally given to national libraries, means the library gets one free copy of every periodical publication published by EU institutions. It entails the duty to preserve the publications and make them available to the public at no cost.

The parallel to the depository library is EU documentation centers at the universities of member and candidate states (in Estonia, University of Tartu since 1992 and Concordia since 2002). Euroinfo centers like the one at the Chamber of Commerce distribute info to entrepreneurs. The public at large can go to the European Commission’s Estonian delegation’s information center and to county Euroinfo centers. September 2003 will mark the fifth anniversary of the EU information center. In the course of this time, we have responded to thousands of questions. September 14 will reveal whether we have helped people make up their minds. As the EU enlarges and changes, the National Library’s EU information center is ready to respond to questions.

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