No. 26




Social Business: Happy People, More Viable Economy

The purpose of social entrepreneurship is to satisfy an acute social need by the profit received from the sale of goods and services. It may also be said that social entrepreneurship is an instrument for increasing the viability and positive social impact of citizens’ associations.

There have been social businesses in Estonia since the restoration of independence, but only during the last decade this sphere has really started to develop and interest towards it has increased. In spring 2012, the Memorandum of Association and Statutes of the Estonian Social Enterprise Network were signed by 19 organisations. Systematic approach to supporting social entrepreneurship enables to find more self-supporting solutions and reduce the burden on tax system because the dependence on state, i.e. the taxpayer’s support will become lesser. By spring 2013, the Estonian Social Enterprise Network aims to double the number of its member organisations. It is also planned to introduce the benefits of social entrepreneurship to various ministries and agencies in order to develop the sphere together.

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