No. 2




Third Sector in Estonia and England

Civil society has an increasingly important role to fulfil nowadays. Relations between the state and the third sector become increasingly more formal, different agreements and memorandums of cooperation are concluded.

High domestic saving supports the development of the third sector. In England, where the third sector is well developed, saving by private people is twice higher than in Estonia when comparing the GDP. In Estonia, developing of civil society is often hindered by the weakness of non-profit associations and the lack of trust. On the way towards an increasingly more ideal civil society, we must learn from foreign experience but we will still have to choose the way that fits best our culture and economic space and our traditions.

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Rein Järvelill, born 1966, Estonian Agricultural University, forestry, 1994, University of Tartu Law Faculty 1994-. Work: ranger at Räpina Exemplary Forest Enterprise 1988-92, Trade Union of Estonian Forestry Workers – trustee of the south-east district 1992-93, secretary of Räpina rural municipality 1993-99, Räpina rural municipality council 1993, 1996, 1999-, member of the IX Riigikogu 1999-. Affiliation: People’s Party – Moderates, Räpina St Michael’s congregation of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church.