No. 30




Interests of EU Member States vs Unified Europe

15 December 2014


RiTo No. 30, 2014

The article discusses how to find a balance between the national interests of the EU Member States and the unified Europe.

Some countries express doubts regarding the profitability of being part of the EU, while the pessimists among the analysts predict an imminent break-up of the Union. The author believes that we can avoid the pessimistic scenario, but this will require paying more attention to the balance between the common policy of the EU and the interests of the Member States.

The author considers the common energy policy, the Trans-European Transport Network and the smooth functioning of the common market as worthy objectives – these fields also constitute the foundations of our security. The Member States should share their good experiences and learn from one another to improve their weak sides. At the same time, geographical, cultural, and historical peculiarities of the Member States should be taken into account better when implementing directives and other action plans. Thus, Member States should also remain responsible for establishing direct taxes and resolving issues of education.

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