No. 1




State Budget 2000, What and Why?

  • Kalle Jürgenson

    MP Chairman of the Riigikogu Financial Committee, Pro Patria Union

Drafting of this year’s budget was based already on the significantly amended law on the foundations of drafting the state budget. Reforming of the state budget has to continue in order to move towards a more transparent and flexible budget.

The priorities of the ruling coalition in drawing up this year’s budget are the national defence, education and culture. Alongside this and the reforming of the principles of drafting the state budget a lot of attention has been paid to a more targeted and effective use of state investments. Consideration is given likewise to the budgets of local governments and their use of funds, both as regards investments and daily expenses. A lot of attention in this year’s budget has been given to an appropriate use of funds earmarked for the development of information technology and for the accession to the European Union.

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